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Composite vs Wood

Composite Decking compared to Natural Wooden Decking

Composite decking can better withstand the damaging effects of weathering and offers superior performance as compared to natural wood flooring solutions. 

Composite decking requires less maintenance than wood decking

Composite decking never needs sanding, staining, or painting as it arrives as a finished product. Occasionally washing with soap and water should suffice. Natural wood needs significant work after installation and for years to come. In contrast, composite decking maintains its stability for many years making it a reliable solution.

Economical in the long run

Even though wooden decking provides a more cost effective solution in the short-run, maintenance costs are significantly higher when working with it. In contrast, composite decking materials are much cheaper to maintain in the long-run and retain their good looks year after year.

Eco-friendly and toxin free

Using wood plastic composites reduces the overall consumption of plastics and recycled wood waste. Also wood composites do not contain toxic chemicals often found with natural wood products making them more eco-friendly.

Offers long-term safety and assurance

WPC decking is safe for children, pets and your bare feet as it will not splinter, split, crack, or rot. You can be assured that the deck will remain intact for many years.

Composite decking looks like natural wood

Composite deck boards are engineered to ensure that these looks last for a long time, even after years of weathering.