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Landscape Contractors in Dubai

Landscaping is not just transforming the site, but it actually changes one’s emotional state. The location where we reside decides our mood. Generally, landscapers beautify your home or business area with their amazing construction ideas. Of course, we all love to live in a place where nature amenity exists. Over decades, the world believed that Dubai is a country is full of sand and thirsty travellers; but now look at Dubai it is one of the fascinating countries across the globe. Nowadays people want to live in a lavish environment that provides a tranquil experience.

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Classy Decking

Elegant Decking

Why choose Progren Decking?

We use the best in class raw materials to develop an affordable premium quality composite decking that offers high performance and low maintenance catering to households, apartments and commercial applications.

Rot and Split resistant

Our Splinter free composite boards made from wood and plastic do not rot or split

Highly Durable with low maintenance​

Our residential or commercial warranties give you a peace of mind and require limited cleaning and maintenance.


At the end of its life cycle, Progren composites can be fully recycled, having a minimal carbon footprint.

Slip Resistant Design

Be it wet or dry conditions, you can feel safe walking on our deck boards.

No Warping

Even in extreme weather conditions, you can be assured that our decks stay flat.

No need to paint, stain or seal

Our decks come in vibrant colors and textures, and need not be painted, sealed or stained


Are you considering a comprehensive makeover for your home or office space in Dubai? Look no further than Progren, distinguished among the premier Landscaping Companies Dubai. Recognized as one of the Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai, Progren stands out for its commitment to delivering top-notch landscaping construction products. Our success is rooted in customer satisfaction, establishing us as a trusted choice for landscaping needs in Dubai, UAE.

At Progren Flooring, we go beyond the conventional role of a landscaping company; we position ourselves as partners in creating eco-friendly solutions that seamlessly align with your construction needs. Our dedicated professionals pride themselves on guiding you through a comprehensive, end-to-end process, ensuring the triumphant completion of your project. The integration of the latest trends with sustainable products is the cornerstone of our success, placing customer satisfaction at the forefront of our achievements.

Exemplary Flooring Solutions:

Progren Flooring’s products for flooring construction are unparalleled in uniqueness and quality. Rigorous 100% quality checks precede the delivery of products to our customers, solidifying our reputation as a trustworthy flooring company that prioritizes a pleasant service experience. As one of the emerging Landscaping Companies Dubai, we prioritize the well-being of the people of Dubai and the environment with every manufacturing decision.

Our product range boasts diversity, featuring offerings like the Classy Deck and Elegant Deck, tailor-made for constructing home gardens and water features. Beyond merely providing varieties, we delve into specifications. The decks are available in six different shades, each embodying vital quality. All our WPC deckings feature a grooved finish on one side and a wood-grain finish on the other, ensuring an anti-slippery and visually appealing nature for your decking. With unwavering confidence in our product quality, we offer an impressive 15 years warranty for residential purposes and a robust 10 years warranty for commercial use.

Special Features of Progren Flooring’s Products:

  • Exceptional durability with minimal maintenance requirements.
  • Fine finishing that garners extreme customer satisfaction.
  • Composite decking eliminates the need for sanding, painting, or staining.
  • Reasonably priced composite decking with long-lasting features.
  • Long-term assurance for toxin-free composite decking, resembling natural wood.

If you reside in Dubai and are contemplating the reconstruction of your home or commercial space, Progrenflooring emerges as the best choice for acquiring landscaping materials at an exceptionally reasonable price. Our professional landscape contractors in Dubai prioritize quality materials available at rates that won’t break the bank. Timely product delivery is our commitment, ensuring a tension-free job experience for our customers. Our products transcend limitations, proving suitable for various landscape designs, including landscape lighting, outdoor living rooms, planters, water features, and pool areas. What sets us apart is our unique manufacturing prototype, guaranteeing the quality of the product and making it the best for installation.

Landscaping and Dubai’s Evolution:

Landscaping goes beyond merely changing the appearance of a location; it’s about transforming it into a sophisticated and classy space. Witnessing the architectural transformation of Dubai, credit is due to landscapers like Progren Flooring – Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai. As a leading landscaper in the UAE, we take pride in contributing to the city’s evolving landscape. Our designs and features are not only trendy but also mesmerizing, emphasizing our commitment to both quality and appearance. This commitment sets us apart from our competitors in the market.

All our products undergo rigorous quality checks, ensuring the durability of the material for years to come. In the realm of landscaping, decking plays a pivotal role in providing a lavish look to architecture. While traditional wooden decks were the norm, the current trend leans towards cost-effective and elegant composite decking materials. Progren Flooring embraces this trend, offering composite decking that looks, feels, and smells like wood but comes with added benefits such as affordability and longevity.

Choosing Progren for Your Landscaping Needs:

If you are on the lookout for landscaping companies in UAE, Progren Flooring is the right choice. We are well-versed in all kinds of landscaping materials and the landscaping process, providing you with a comprehensive solution for your landscaping needs. Choosing us brings multiple benefits, from our end-to-end feature ensuring a comfortable collaboration from the start to our reputation as renowned Landscape Contractors in Dubai. Our commitment to quality, service, and innovation energizes us to contribute to the future of landscaping in the region.

Currently delivering products within the Dubai ring, we have plans to extend our services, aiming to be recognized as the best landscaping company in Dubai. We are thrilled at the prospect of serving you and being a part of your landscaping journey.

Landscapers Dubai – Partnering in Transformation:

Landscaping goes beyond the tangible elements of construction; it’s about creating an experience, a transformation. This transformation is palpable in the architectural journey of Dubai, and landscapers like Progren Flooring have played a pivotal role. As leading landscapers in Dubai, our contribution extends beyond physical changes; it encompasses creating trends and setting standards. Our designs and features are not just aesthetically pleasing but are also in harmony with the environmental ethos.

As you embark on your landscaping journey, it’s essential to choose partners who understand the cultural and environmental nuances. Progren Flooring has been a frontrunner among Landscapers Dubai, consistently delivering projects that redefine spaces and elevate the overall aesthetic. Our designs are not just in line with the current trends; they set new benchmarks for landscaping in Dubai.

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What Our Customers Say?

The deck is so gorgeous that its the main attraction in our house now and fits perfectly like it was custom made


Home Owner

We chose to go with Progren as we got good support from the company, the natural wood looks and its local availability in the UAE



Progren decking with its natural wood look is the most elegant, durable and stylish product added to our product portfolio. Our rooftop penthouse looks fabulous post installation. Highly recommended!



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