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Landscaping Companies in Sharjah

Landscaping Companies in Sharjah

Constructing a lavish landscape can be done only by executives and picking the right person will give the stress-free job. Choosing the right landscape construction company and flawless material is a significant thing in construction. Progren flooring company will be the best option in getting quality landscaping materials. Progren flooring is a company positioned in Dubai and serving the people of UAE with the best service. Landscaping companies in Sharjah will make progren, their first choice in purchasing the flooring material. Trusted materials are manufactured in progren flooring company for a reasonable price. Our services across the gulf are renowned one and it builds hope with our clients.

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Why choose Progren Decking?

We use the best in class raw materials to develop an affordable premium quality composite decking that offers high performance and low maintenance catering to households, apartments and commercial applications.

Rot and Split resistant

Our Splinter free composite boards made from wood and plastic do not rot or split

Highly Durable with low maintenance​

Our residential or commercial warranties give you a peace of mind and require limited cleaning and maintenance.


At the end of its life cycle, Progren composites can be fully recycled, having a minimal carbon footprint.

Slip Resistant Design

Be it wet or dry conditions, you can feel safe walking on our deck boards.

No Warping

Even in extreme weather conditions, you can be assured that our decks stay flat.

No need to paint, stain or seal

Our decks come in vibrant colors and textures, and need not be painted, sealed or stained

Landscaping Companies in Sharjah

Constructing a lavish landscape is an endeavor that demands expertise, and the choice of the right professionals ensures a stress-free project. Selecting the correct landscape construction company and utilizing flawless materials are pivotal aspects of successful construction. In this context, Progren Flooring emerges as the top choice for obtaining quality landscaping materials. Positioned in Dubai, Progren Flooring is dedicated to serving the people of the UAE with the utmost excellence.

Among the Landscaping Companies in Sharjah, Progren Flooring stands out as the preferred option for those seeking top-tier flooring materials. Progren Flooring Company is synonymous with manufacturing trusted materials at reasonable prices, earning a reputation for excellence in services across the Gulf and fostering hope among clients.

Progren Flooring has earned its place as one of the best Landscaping Companies in Sharjah known for providing superior flooring materials. Established by Ace Industries to tool quality composite decking, Progren Flooring specializes in composite decks, offering a more advantageous option compared to traditional wooden decks. For those unfamiliar with composite decking, it’s essential to delve into what it entails, how to make the best choice, tips and tricks for selection, and the numerous advantages it brings to your construction project.

Understanding Composite Decking:

Composite decking serves as an ideal substitute for traditional wooden floor decking. Crafted from a blend of wood fiber, plastic material, and binding agents, composite decking is manufactured in precise proportions to ensure quality and durability. It is categorized into two types: uncapped wood composite and capped wood composite. The latter, capped wood composite, is highly recommended for living area construction due to its enhanced protection, featuring a plastic shell on its outer surface.

Being crafted from either virgin or recycled plastic, composite decking is considered an eco-friendly product. The correct ratio is crucial for ensuring a product that can withstand the test of time. Progren Flooring offers composite decking in a spectrum of colors, from grey, brown, red, green, blue to white, and even wooden shades, providing choices that suit various environments.

Advantages of Choosing Composite Decking:

Opting for composite decking over traditional wood decking presents several advantages. The inclusion of plastics in composite decking makes it resistant to rotting, ensuring durability against different weather conditions. Additionally, composite decking is lighter than wood decking, making it easy to transport and install. The installation process is quicker, reducing both time and labor costs, leading to a significant reduction in overall installation expenses.

The non-slippery feature of composite decking, particularly with a grain finish, makes it suitable for installation in water features and around pool areas. The incorporation of advanced technology during manufacturing ensures less staining, scratching, and fading, providing a fresh appearance for many years. Progren Flooring highly recommends choosing composite decking for superior and long-lasting results.

Choosing the Best Composite Deck:

Selecting the best composite deck involves considering various factors. Genuine composite decks are crafted by combining natural sawdust and plastics or recycled bamboo with resins. The choice of binding agents significantly impacts the quality of composite decks, and high-quality materials should exhibit perfect wood finishing. Smelling the decks before purchase can give an idea of their quality.

The texture appearance should ideally be slippery for a fine finishing, unless the deck is intended for wet and snowy climates, where a pronounced texture is preferable. Hidden fasteners contribute to flawless installation and an attractive appearance, but they may be slightly more expensive. Considering budget constraints, individuals can choose fasteners accordingly. Progren Flooring advises testing samples for heat absorption, walking barefoot on composite decking under the sun, and selecting colors based on climatic conditions. Additionally, the choice of add-ons supplied by the company should align with individual requirements.

Beyond these technical considerations, attention should be given to services such as customer support, order delivery, and overall customer service. Progren Flooring ‘s composite decks fulfill all the technical specifications, making it a comprehensive and reliable choice for your landscaping construction needs. Choosing Progren Flooring for your landscaping project ensures the best outcome, and we express our gratitude to our customers for their trust and the opportunity to serve them.

In addition to its exemplary technical features, Progren Flooring places a strong emphasis on customer-centric services. Beyond providing top-quality materials and expertise, the company is committed to ensuring a seamless experience for its customers. Progren Flooring – Landscaping Companies Dubai understands that the success of any landscaping project not only depends on the quality of materials but also on the efficiency of services such as customer support, order delivery, and ongoing customer assistance.

Customer satisfaction is at the core of Progren’s values, and the company takes pride in its responsive and dedicated customer support team. Whether clients have inquiries about product specifications, need assistance with placing orders, or require guidance on the installation process, Progren Flooring is committed to providing timely and helpful responses. The goal is to create a customer experience that goes beyond the transaction, fostering long-term relationships built on trust and reliability.

Order delivery is another aspect where Progren excels. Recognizing the importance of timely product delivery in construction projects, the company ensures that orders are processed efficiently and products reach customers within the agreed-upon timelines. This commitment to punctual delivery not only saves valuable time for customers but also contributes to the overall success and smooth progression of landscaping projects.

Progren’s dedication to customer service extends even further, with ongoing support throughout the lifespan of the product. Whether customers have questions about maintenance, want to explore additional landscaping options, or seek advice on upgrading their outdoor spaces, Progren Flooring remains a reliable partner. This commitment to continuous support reflects Progren’s understanding that a landscaping project is not just a one-time transaction but an ongoing journey.

Choosing Progren Flooring for your landscaping construction goes beyond acquiring high-quality materials; it ensures a holistic and customer-centric experience. With a focus on technical excellence, efficient services, and unwavering customer support, Progren stands out among landscaping companies, offering a comprehensive solution for anyone looking to create a stunning and enduring landscape.

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The deck is so gorgeous that its the main attraction in our house now and fits perfectly like it was custom made


Home Owner

We chose to go with Progren as we got good support from the company, the natural wood looks and its local availability in the UAE



Progren decking with its natural wood look is the most elegant, durable and stylish product added to our product portfolio. Our rooftop penthouse looks fabulous post installation. Highly recommended!



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