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Tips to maintain your lawn in UAE

Maintaining a lush, healthy lawn in the UAE can be a challenge due to the hot, arid climate and the high levels of salinity in the soil. However, with the right care and attention, it is possible to keep your lawn looking beautiful all year round. Progrenflooring, one of the best Landscape Contractors in Dubai shared some tips to help you maintain your lawn in the UAE.


Watering is crucial for the health of your lawn, especially in the UAE’s hot, dry climate. However, it’s important to water your lawn correctly to avoid wasting water and damaging your grass. Aim to water your lawn early in the morning or late in the evening, when the temperature is cooler and there is less evaporation. Avoid watering your lawn during the hottest part of the day, as this can cause the water to evaporate before it has a chance to soak into the soil.

When watering your lawn, aim to give it a deep soaking rather than a light sprinkling. This will encourage the roots to grow deeper into the soil, making them more resilient to drought conditions. Consider installing a smart irrigation system to help you regulate the amount of water your lawn receives and avoid overwatering.


Fertilizing your lawn is essential for maintaining healthy, vibrant grass. However, it’s important to use the right fertilizer and apply it correctly to avoid damaging your lawn. Choose a fertilizer that is specifically designed for use in the UAE’s high-salinity soil and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. If you are looking for Landscaping Companies in Sharjah, then progrenflooring will be the best choice for you as we have well trained experts to help you.

It’s also important to fertilize your lawn at the right time of year. In the UAE, it’s best to fertilize your lawn in the spring and fall, when temperatures are cooler and the grass is growing actively. Avoid fertilizing during the hottest months of the year, as this can cause the grass to burn and die.


However, it’s important to mow your lawn correctly to avoid damaging the grass. Aim to mow your lawn when the grass is dry, as wet grass is more prone to damage. Set your mower blade using WPC Decking to the correct height for your grass species, as cutting the grass too short can stress the plant and make it more susceptible to disease and pests.

It’s also important to avoid mowing your lawn too frequently, as this can weaken the grass and make it more vulnerable to drought and pests. Aim to mow your lawn once a week during the growing season, and less frequently during periods of drought.

Weed Control

Grass and bushes around your Swimming Pool Decking gives a classic look but weeds can be a major problem for lawns in the UAE, as they can compete with the grass for water and nutrients and make your lawn look unsightly. There are several methods for controlling weeds, including hand weeding, herbicides, and mulching.

Hand weeding involves removing weeds by hand, which can be effective for small areas of lawn. Herbicides can be used to kill weeds, but it’s important to choose a product that is safe for use on your grass species and follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Mulching involves covering the soil around your lawn with a layer of organic material, such as leaves or grass clippings, which can help suppress weed growth.

Pest Control

Pests, such as grubs and chinch bugs, can damage your lawn by feeding on the roots and leaves of your grass. There are several methods for controlling pests, including insecticides, nematodes and cultural practices.

Insecticides can be used to kill pests, but it’s important to choose a product that is safe for use on your grass species nearby your Outdoor Wooden Flooring and follow the landscaper’s instructions carefully. Nematodes are microscopic organisms that can be applied to your lawn to control pests naturally. 

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