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How do Decide Between Composite and Wood Decking?

Nothing is as satisfying as having an incredible outside view of your home on a well-planned rooftop. Choosing an affordable decorating material goes a long way in altering the interior and exterior which enhancing the delicious value of your home. The two most common decking materials are wood and composites.

The wood versus composite discussion is based on mortgage holders’ preferences, financial plan and solidity. The specialists at Progrenflooring, the leading and Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai have put together a top-to-bottom guide to help you choose a wood or composite deck.

Wood Decking:

Wood is the most experienced decking material, with cedar and treated wood being the most popular choices for wood decking. The vast majority also use hardwoods such as tiger to design attractive surfaces. The primary reason most homeowners switch to Wooden Flooring in Dubai over other decorating materials is that it is financially smart. The basic expenses for buying and putting up a wooden deck are fairly low. Assuming you choose to use pine, it will generate a good portion of the amount you want for a composite deck. Regardless of whether you choose to use fancier wood such as redwood or cedar, the cost will still be fundamentally lower than composite decking.

Wood is very resilient, but it requires more effort, time and cost to keep up. You want to constantly think about cleaning, sanding, painting or staining, perhaps at regular intervals afterward. Assuming you leave it unattended, your deck will either deteriorate or lose its great looks. Also, wood is not capable of warping or splitting due to mileage. However, assuming you treat your wood deck properly, it can serve you well for more than 20 years.

Composite Decking:

Composite decking is a mixture of wood and plastic to combine the advantages of regular and synthetic surfaces. Although it may not look as unique as wood, it is much more solid and easier to maintain. In any case, it should be cleaned at least twice a year with a soft brush, foaming mixture and a washing machine.

The compound is made of stain-resistant materials that can last up to 50 years. Unlike wood, the composite material is UV resistant, which means it does not tend to fade. Whatever it is, you can anyway smudge or color it in assuming it fades little by little due to opening up to the coordinating sun. The cost of rendering a composite deck is higher than the cost of a Wood Pool Deck. In any case, it is useful speculation to generate annual maintenance costs.

Is it a good idea to choose a composite or wood deck? The answer depends on what you like. If you love the natural look of wood and have the money and energy to maintain it, then a wood deck may be the best option for you. In any case, assuming you need an option that will last longer and is less expensive to maintain, a composite deck may be your best option.

If you’d like a custom deck for your, we at Progrenflooring are here for you. We will offer better covers that will completely change the look of your home’s exterior. Being the best Landscaping Companies in Sharjah we help you to find the best decking option.

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