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Tips to Create and Maintain Vertical Garden

Everywhere in the world, vertical gardens are growing. In fact, as landscapers physically look skyward for fresh gardening options, this eco-friendly and adaptable idea is rising to new heights. A fixed or freestanding wall can be covered with plants using a system of panels called a green wall garden.

These environmentally friendly gardens, also known as living walls or green walls, produce a lush, stunning work of art that is beneficial for the environment and your landscape design. Progrenflooring, the best Landscaping Companies in UAE have well trained experts to create and maintain your beautiful vertical garden with quality materials.

Green walls have gained popularity recently and living walls, however, are not brand-new. They can actually trace their history back to Babylon’s hanging gardens. Living walls’ recent history is not well known. The current vertical garden, however, was actually patented in 1938 by University of Illinois professor Stanley Hart White, according to the records. 

The ideal way to include a lovely green garden into your environment is to use vertical plants. If you are in Sharjah and looking for the best Landscaping Companies in Sharjah, then you can contact us anytime as we do all kinds of landscaping services.

In fact, you can use WPC Decking even in small spaces of your garden. Urban gardening was the initial focus of the green wall movement as traditional garden space in these areas is cramped. However, in recent years, gardeners outside of urban areas have become interested in vertical gardens due to its attractiveness. 

Some people in Dubai are interested in creating a garden along with a pool sothat people can enjoy their vacation time with their loved ones. Progrenflooring also has quality Swimming Pool Decking materials and has experts to install it according to clients needs.

Homes and businesses can employ Wooden Flooring in Dubai along with indoor vertical gardens. Additionally, green walls give lobbies, conference rooms, halls, and reception areas colour and a distinctive aspect. They also provide your house with a great living accent.

All of the advantages of introducing plants to buildings are provided by interior vertical gardens. Vertical gardens can enhance creativity, lower absenteeism and address other workplace issues in addition to making green walls look wonderful.

There are numerous options available depending on the amount of room you have. Vertical gardens can be constructed both inside and outside. They can stand alone or be fastened to an existing wall. Most importantly, they are available in a variety of sizes. The square footage and floor layout criteria can be met using green walls.

In your vertical garden, not every type of plant will flourish and the plants you saw in your design might not be in season. To ensure lifespan, make sure the plants you choose are appropriate for the season.

Ensure that your containers are draining properly. Your vertical garden planters should have enough drainage holes to prevent a build-up of mildew and fungus, whether you’re establishing a hanging container garden or planting window boxes.

Even if you have the ideal location for your green wall, your plants won’t be able to live if they are never exposed to sunlight. If your vertical gardening systems aren’t mobile, pick a spot that will receive enough sunlight.

Water the plants in your vertical garden frequently. You’ll need to keep in mind to water your vertical garden plants unless you have an automated irrigation system. Plants may require a vertical garden watering system due to the increased air circulation and light exposure.

To improve your interior or external décor, Milestone’s landscape design team can create, develop, and construct a vertical garden. Vertical gardens offer a terrific alternative to adding a distinctive, lush accent to your area, regardless of the amount of room you have available.

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