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Planning Rooftop Garden with Progrenflooring

The green area planted on the top floor of a residential or commercial building is known as a roof garden or rooftop garden. Urban sites are places where you’ll typically find rooftop gardens, used to grow fruits and vegetables, as well as provide a playground or quiet green space. Designs include pavers, decks, benches, flower beds, raised planters, planted gardens or urban plants. 

Buildings in many cities around the world have a large number of green roofs. There are two types of green roof plants: extensive and intense. On the surface, the intense vegetation consists of dense shrubs and small trees, while the extensive vegetation consists of grasses, small plants and shrubs. 

If you are looking for a Landscaping Companies Dubai to design perfect landscaping for your dream rooftop garden, then Progrenflooring is the best choice for you. Being an expert in landscaping, we shared some rooftop garden tips.

Required Utilities for rooftop garden:

The roof garden must have an outdoor faucet. As a result of greatly reducing the need for new transplants, they generally pay for themselves within the first year. If you intend to install low voltage landscape lighting, an outlet is helpful. If you are in Sharjah, we Progrenflooring the Landscaping Companies in Sharjah also serve all kind of landscaping and gardening services in your area.

Safety things to consider before implement rooftop garden:

Handrail heights must follow local regulations. You should also check the flammable materials regulations in your area. There are variations available that have additional vents built into the blinds that allow air to pass through without lifting the whole thing like a sail and are rated for wind permeability. There are also parachutes with very solid bases, like the 500-pound Tuuci parachutes, which are never in danger of flying off the roof. Also choose the best materials for your garden like WPC Decking, composite decking, etc.

Select your plants:

Gardening on top of a mountain is similar to gardening on top of a rooftop. To prevent it from being exposed to strong winds, we often choose thick-bottomed plants rather than heavy ones. This is why weeping and multi-stemmed trees, as well as most evergreens, work so well. 

We also try to stay away from plants like elephant ears that have huge leaves because they tend to get blown off easily by the wind. Finally, to help you decide whether to choose plants for full sun, partial sun, or a lot of shade, we recommend that you measure the total number of hours of sunlight the area receives each day.

Features to be incorporated in the rooftop garden:

Each city has very precise fire code regulations that must be considered before using fire pits and grills. Only dedicated electricity, coal, or gas lines are allowed in New York City. Propane tanks are strictly prohibited. For a more ambient look, we typically combine low wattage landscape lighting with high wattage wall sconces lighting in planter boxes. 

Depending on the client’s taste and budget, we can suggest a canopy, shade sail, canopy or pergola for shade. The use of a Jacuzzi is usually allowed as long as it does not overload this particular ceiling.

Nowadays, many people like to implement a small pool at the rooftop along with the garden. Progrenflooring, the famous Swimming Pool Companies in Dubai also having various ideas and designs to implement a pool on your dream rooftop garden.

Water settings:

A watering pitcher is the easiest tool to use when watering a rooftop garden. However, you can install Outdoor Wooden Flooring for more complete irrigation systems for larger plants on the roofs or to avoid going downstairs every morning using a watering can. Installing a rain barrel or cistern to collect rainwater in a sprinkler is a common solution. Another option is to install a drip system connected to a faucet on the roof.

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