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Solid Composite Decking Vs Hollow Core

Many manufactures in UAE prefers Composite Decking due to their speed and ease in manufacturing. But when the situation raised to you to choose best materials among them, you have to analyze and test a little bit before took the decision because quality differs from suppliers and manufactures. The two main types of composite decking are solid and hollow. Here, Progrenflooring is one of the Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai explain in detail about both solid composite decking and hollow core which helps you to make the right choice for your outdoor space.

Solid Composite Decking:

Accessible in a variety of planes and shades, the heavy-duty composite deck is available in two basic structures – the capped composite deck and the uncapped Composite Deck. The standard exposed composite deck offers tremendous durability, giving a long-lasting taste that requires virtually no support or maintenance. Slip and stain resistant, each panel is primarily designed to withstand the demands of the outdoors and is also more than enough to handle various man-made parties, get-together or some other important family or personal meeting. Meanwhile, covered composite decks provide just that and the sky is the limit from there with the added benefit of increased moisture safety such as a defensive polymer shell.

Hollow Composite Decking:

Here there are some major holes to fill, an empty compound platform has many of its own unique advantages. Perhaps the quickly noticeable contrast between the empty and sturdy compound deck is the price tag that goes with them. The blank composite deck is more expensive than its sturdy partner, mainly because of the way it uses less material per plan. Each blank composite deck panel includes different blank channels that pass through each panel meaning that it uses much less material. This makes them surprisingly harmless to the ecosystem much more than the robust form. Despite the bare installation, the composite surface blank is still inherently strong and tough, never requiring any wood treatment and still giving it all the color and hazy texture of its tough competition. They also provide a nice, lightweight surface to walk on which may be desirable rather than the bulky and inflexible nature of a sturdy surface.


Part of the composite wood plastic bindings is wood fibers. This fix is in addition to the chassis skills. A portion of the producers are replacing wood fibers with a less expensive option. You get a good deal on the raw material. Check twice the quality of the material before choosing the right choice. These hollow and solid decking also suitable for Wood Pool Deck as the possibility of slippery is less on these composite decking.


Since the material contains a polymer, it causes the panels to grow and shrink in hot conditions. Because of these highlights during setup there must be holes between the full length boards. Without holes, the panels have nowhere to go when they spread, causing them to bend, clamp and break.

Colour Fading:

Any distinct element to coordinate daylight through normal weather. How fine the camouflage is depends on the natural materials used during the collection system. High quality composite decking sheets contain UV stabilizers. It helps to control the durable system and the material will not change shading under the influence of ultraviolet rays. However, most of the people choose Wooden Flooring in Dubai as they want to focus on reasonable quality imitations that ensure your deck boards won’t fade or discolor in the sun. 


The great material can have up to 50 years warranty on basic, fade and shade fabrication. However, poor-quality materials can provide a long-term guarantee, but without an unambiguous definition. Therefore, it is highly recommended to have an item warranty strategy to understand warranty implication and decide on the refund rate. 

Also, Progrenflooring is the leading Landscaping Companies in Sharjah recommends high solid composite decking, if you want long lasting decking with outstanding performance.

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