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Choose Best Pool Deck and Patio Materials with ProgrenFlooring

Choosing the best surface materials around an inground pool requires a lot of thought and requirements. The pool covers have unusual executive requirements compared to the normal balcony. They should be kind to bare feet like heat resistant, unobtrusive, smooth-surfaced, and impervious to synthetics, shape and build-up, as well as being attractive.

While the type of material you choose depends on a few factors, including cost, strength and maintenance, fortunately there are several such items to examine. Let’s see about all this factor with ProgrenFlooring which is the Best Landscaping Companies in Dubai executes lots of ideas and also implement those ideas in real thing.

When contrasting pool deck options, it is essential to consider the materials you need in your plan. Improving the cement can give as many shapes as you want, but in an economically smart way it also combines adaptability and exquisiteness with strength and tenacity.

The landscape area around your pool is known as an all-encompassing deck, despite the fact that it isn’t always made of wood or composite, like the outdoor decks we frequently share words with. In general, most inground pool surfaces are made of cement and also with various materials, such as pavers and blocks, are also popular choices. Progrenflooring also active in Sharjah as a top leading Landscaping Companies in Sharjah attracts many people’s mind through our excellent work and finishing.

Pond surfaces and clear yard surfaces such as driveways, porches or steps are helpful for organizing components, adding usable space and making a smooth progression from one area to the next, eliminating waste and covering exposed soil. When near or including a pool or spa, the deck forms an edge while providing a protected path around its edge. Assuming patio space allows, the deck can be increased to allow poolside furniture for lounging or dining.

Must Noted these things while choosing the materials:

  • Safe and don’t slip when wet.
  • Should not coarse or uneven.
  • Should be heat reflective and also should keep the place cool even in hot days.
  • Should resistant to algae, chemicals, acid, mold and mildew.

Here shared some pool deck materials, take a look before choosing yours.


Significantly makes a smooth contour accessible in a variety of shades beyond dim natural light to your Swimming Pool Decking. Certain types of design, such as mid-century and contemporary, require perfect straight lines and a striking concrete surface. Your pool deck or concrete shell should be poured by an expert, unless you are a professional do it yourself or have a lot of help from trained colleagues.


Bricks block has been around for over 5000 years, making it a proven pool cover material and surface. It gives the moldings a natural and familiar look. They can be accessed in a variety of shades and sizes and can be laid on sand, mortar or even a large floor. Landscaping companies tends to develop in cold blocks, so it must be constantly kept up to date. Otherwise, swollen packages can become elusive when wet and can be a dangerous drop area.


Flooring is a popular type of hardboard for roads and porches and they come in many different materials, sizes, shapes and shades. The materials for the pillars of the poolside terraces include stone, concrete and aggregates.

Uncompromising large interlocking pavers are a convenient choice for normal Composite Decking concrete and are intended to be substituted for traditional pavers, stones, tiles or blocks. Remember that when using interlocking floors to decorate a swimming pool, the examples formed from small load units can appear busy. Get ready for adventure and evaluate the entire space, along with shades, surfaces.


Wood surfaces look very attractive near an inground pool or spa. There are some assortments of regular lumber, depending on your financial plan, for example pine, cedar and brazil. In UAE, teak would be the smartest choice due to its moderate accessibility. Teak is usually impervious to mold, fungi and insects. Wood surfaces in any area require tangential support, including cleaning, sanding and polishing. Progrenflooring also having a best choice for your decking through our varieties of Wooden Flooring in Dubai as no one can provide.


Stone is a material with a characteristic appearance for balconies and driveways, it has enough surface to make it safe, improves finishes and structural elements. There are many accessible types and costs are regularly determined based on what is offered in your area. 


A deeply painted tile surface that gets wet can cause a dangerous situation for anyone walking around the pool. Since the tiles are rated for slip resistance, avoid each and every hazard and look for something like unglazed dinnerware or glass and porcelain tile that is impervious to water and will resist ice and freezing.

Mixed Materials:

Addition of tile logos that can be included in a large area cleared during pouring. A stream of rocks or stones fixed to a limited degree adjacent to another material, similar to concrete. Assuming you like variety or can’t limit your decisions, incorporating at least two will give you the opportunity to benefit from both. The appearance may be too busy or the surfaces may be out of balance. 

Progrenflooring is very happy to serve you with what you want, feel free to contact us to get best decking.

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